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Novel CAR-T Therapies and Bioanalytical Assay Implementation

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On-Demand Presentation!

Dr. Corinna Fiorotti, Scientific Officer at BioAgilytix, gave a presentation at the 2020 SelectScience Virtual Summit on Cancer and Immunology Research to discuss the bioanalytical assays that are used for CAR-T therapies. It was so well-received that we are making the recording accessible for your viewing as well!

Access the recording to hear her discuss:

  • The evolution of cell therapies with a closer look at the different generations of CAR-T cells being developed today.
  • Mitigation strategies to address safety concerns regarding CAR-T therapies, which are challenged by the complexity of their production and by the adverse events related to their activity.
  • The bioanalytical considerations for CAR-T therapies and why the development & validation of robust, accurate methods is vital to monitor persistance of CAR-T cells and test their safety and efficacy.
  • What the future holds for these exciting therapeutic modalities.