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ELISPOT Method Development & Validation for Gene Therapy

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Join BioAgilytix on May 20 at 10:00 AM EDT | 15:00 BST

ELISPOT has recently become a technique of choice for the assessment of the cellular immunity triggered by gene therapies. However, the quality of cells initially used in the assay and their relevant stimulation is one of the key factors impacting the quality and the biological relevance of the results. BioAgilytix's Scientific Officer Dr. Lydia Michaut will discuss how to optimize these protocols in line with industry recommendations.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How ELISPOT is used to assess cellular immunity triggered by gene therapies, via the assessment of the activation of the patient’s cytotoxic cells in response to antigen fragments derived from the virus and the therapeutic protein
  • Options for testing, harmonizing and optimizing PBMC collection and stimulation protocols as an integral part of ELISPOT assay development and qualification
  • Why these have been identified as variables significantly impacting the assessment of the cellular immune response to viral-based gene therapies